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Don't feel awkward in any social situations again

What if you could stop worrying about not knowing what to do in social situations and be confident?


Does this sound like you? You don't know...
  • How to order wine at a restaurant
  • How to excuse yourself at a business dinner
  • What kind of gift to buy a client
  • Which fork or knife to use while fine dining
  • How to make a first great impression
  • How to set a table for dinner
  • Where to place a napkin
  • And much more…

Let’s not confuse traditional behaviours with good manners. The definition of etiquette is gender neutral⁠—it simply means we strive at all times to ensure a person in our company feels at ease. ⁠

Etiquette Masterclass by Dr. Clinton Lee

A Masterclass designed to guide you through all of your social situations to present the best version of yourself.

The basics from handshakes, greetings and what to wear. This will get you started in the right path.

This Masterclass is perfect if you travel a lot and need to understand different cultures.

If you participate or host a lot of business meetings, this is the Masterclass for you.

All the knives, spoons and forks got you scared? We'll show you the proper etiquette for it all.

Who is Dr. Lee and why did he create this?

Dr. Lee is a Wine & Etiquette Master with over 1.8 Million fans across his social media platforms. He created this Masterclass because we just don't see manners being taught anywhere regularly anymore. People were really intrigued when he started posting etiquette videos.

He has over 80 million views globally on TikTok and Instagram about his wine and etiquette lessons.

This Masterclass is perfect for beginners to learn about wine, etiquette & culture.

Dr. Lee Wine Expert
Here's what you can choose for the Masterclass
No matter where you get stuck - just come back and refer to the videos that we've recorded for you. Refresh your memory and get ready to nail that first impression, dinner or business meeting.
1. Private One-to-One Consultation
In this 30 minute session, you can chat with Dr. Lee about any etiquette topic that you require coaching for.
2. Wine & Dine Masterclass
Take this online, self-paced course with Dr. Lee as you learn about how to appropriately wine & dine in different cultures around the world.
3. Masterclass (Group)
Have a group of 5 or more people? Dr. Lee will host a 2 hour zoom to walk you through the etiquette scenarios that pertain most to you, with customizable components.
Meet Others Who’ve Taken The Etiquette Masterclass
The 1-1 consulting session was an invaluable opportunity to have an uninterrupted masterclass with a veteran of wine, etiquette and culture. Dr Lee provided practical and easy-to-remember tips on how to navigate, and even embrace, social scenarios in my professional life with clients and colleagues that can often be daunting and complicated. Dr Lee took the time to understand me and my professional objectives, and provided tailored advice. Most importantly, Dr Lee created a fail-safe environment where I did not feel hesitant or embarrassed to ask questions.
- WS
This was a fantastic learning experience that I would happily dive deeper into. This class gave a wonderful overview of proper etiquette and cultural awareness, whether applied to business interactions or otherwise. I truly believe the knowledge gained has enhanced my cultural awareness and etiquette perspective. I can't wait to see where this new knowledge and etiquette know how takes me.
- BD
Register for the Etiquette Masterclass
1-1 Private training
30 minutes of private coaching by Dr. Lee
Wine & Dine Etiquette Course
Learn how to wine & dine in any culture or scenario
Masterclass group training
Perfect for corporate training or group events of 5+ people
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students of all ages, race and backgrounds will benefit from this course.

Yes – we can customize any Masterclass for you. 

You will also receive a free Wine & Etiquette course to go along with the Masterclass program.

The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they enlist the help of others to make progress.
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