“All you need is a passion for wine and spirits, and an entrepreneurial spirit to start your rewarding career as an APWASI Ambassador.” Dr. Clinton Lee

How does the Ambassador Program Work?

Once you join our team of independent Ambassadors, we will assist you with materials in setting up if necessary.

Education and Training

We provide training to our Ambassadors about wines so it will be easy for you to get started quickly to launch your business.

Why Join?

We believe that everyone should take the time to learn more about other cultures, people and life. This understanding can be gathered from learning about wines. Join a global team who is passionate about spreading awareness of wine education. Learn more about our team here. 

What can you expect to do as an Ambassador?


  • Inspire people to start their online wine education with APWASI
  • Create awareness in the community and spreading the APWASI vision
  • Educate clients on the benefits of APWASI’s courses
  • Professionally representing the brand and following up with potential students
  • Participate in workshops and motivating APWASI Ambassadors to perform their best
  • Build and nurture relationships with potential students;
  • Ideate, plan and execute branded influencer and ambassador events

What we offer:

  • Experience and exposure to communicate with diverse people
  • Ongoing learning – Training sessions and workshops
  • Supporting technical and marketing support – motivate and guide you to achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Excellent compensation plus bonuses

What we look for:

  • Passion and commitment to the cause
  • Motivation to grow and advance
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Have sales, customer service, or marketing experience

Note. This is a commission based position.