We created this Wine Course Comparisons guide on the various certified wine courses available currently on the market. You can compare and decide which online wine course is the most suitable for you.

Each wine course provider mentioned is highly professional and deeply respected by APWASI.

This comparison is based solely upon our opinion.

All APWASI online wine and spirit courses that are taken on their own, upon completion earn you the designation APWASI specialist for that country. For example, if you study Italy and upon successfully passing you are an APWASI-Italy Specialist.

Wine Course Comparisons

Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute Wine and Spirit
Education Trust
Certified Wine Educators Wine Scholar Guild
Course Levels
Category Wine Essentials 1 WSET Level 1 CSW NIL
What is Wine (sections) (sections)
Styles of Wine (sections) (sections)
How to Taste Wine (sections) (sections)
How to Store Wine (sections) (sections)
Classic Grapes 1 (sections) (sections)
Growing Conditions (sections) (sections)
Pairing of Wine (sections) (sections)
Wine Glassware (sections) (sections)
Wine Culture (sections) (section)
Wine Etiquette (sections) (section)
Online Wine Tasting (sections)
Future of Wine (sections)
Sparkling Wine (sections)
Category WIne Essentials 2 WSET Level 2
Style Quality Price (sections) (sections)
Classic Grapes 2 (sections) (sections) (section)
Sparkling Wine (sections) (sections) (section)
Fortified Wine (sections) (sections) (section)
Labelling Terms (sections) (sections)
Viticulture (sections) (section)
Vinification (sections) (section)
Wine Composition (sections) (section)
Wine Faults (sections) (section)
Consumer Wine Course Course
Old World
Category APWASI Wine Professional WSET Level 3
France (full course) (section) (section) (full course)
Italy (full course) (section) (section) (full course)
Spain (full course) (section) (section) (full course)
Portugal (full course) (section) (section) ***Please note their courses
Germany (full course) (section) (section) are longer***
New World
Category APWASI Wine Professional
Wines Of Canada (full course) (section) (section)
Wines of USA (full course) (section) (section)
Wines Of Chile (full course) (section) (section)
Wines of Argentina (full course) (section) (section)
Wins Of South Africa (full course) (section) (section)
Wines Of Australia (full course) (section) (section)
Wines of New Zealand (full course) (section) (section)
Wines Of China (full course) (section)
Wine & Spirits
Category APWASI Spirits Professional Their sections are less indepth and shorter per section.
All these sections make up one course.
Brandy and Cognac (full course)
Tequila (full course)
Whisky (full course)
Category APWASI Fortified Wine Professional
Port Wine (full course)
Caviar (full course)
Sherry Wine (full course)
Category APWASI Luxury Professional
Cigars (full course)
Foie Gras (full course)
Truffles (full course)
Sparkling Wine (full course)
Ice Wine (full course)
Category APWASI Certified Global Wine & Spirits Professional WSET DIPLOMA
Viticulture (full course) (full course)
Vinification (full course) (full course)
Business of the World (full course) (full course)
Wines of the World (full course) (full course)
Sparkling Wines (full course) (full course)
Fortified Wines (full course) (full course)

Notes for WSET

If the topic is mentioned more than once in other course offerings, it means the sections are shorter and become more in-depth with each higher level you study. Their courses are progressive with each level. APWASI courses are singular stand alone so the information is contained in one complete course. This refers to each country wine course, port, sherry or sparkling wine.

Notes for Certified Wine Educator

Their singular courses like the CSW covers a larger topic area. Given the large content covered the material provided is different in volume and depth compared to other course providers.

Notes for Wine Scholar Guild

Their course offerings are currently limited to 3 specific countries.

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