The final step is to successfully passing any course and receiving certification is the Final Examination. This examination is timed and there are 100 multiple choice questions with 65% being the pass mark. We strongly urge you, encourage you to study hard before you attempt to take the examination. Ensure you know the material and you feel confident before you write the examination. Only when you feel confident should you attempt to take the final examination. Everyone is different so that is why we are advising you to only take the examination after you have prepared well and are ready.

You have only one free attempt at writing this final examination.   

Certification Benefits

For example, if Vanessa Benz passed the Italy course she would write after her name

Vanessa Benz APWASI Certified Wine Specialist – Italy


Vanessa Benz ACWAS – Italy

Either way is acceptable. The reason for the second option is you may well have more than one country or subject you are a specialist. We encourage you use these well and hard-earned designations in your business cards, business letters and let others know of your achievements and they may well encourage them to study and attain your level.

In the event you are successful you will be sent a letter of congratulations and you can then print your certificate out and we will have the details recorded at the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute. We encourage you take other courses and ultimately achieve the Tier 1 certificate and an APWASI Certified Global Wine and Spirit Professional.

Trying Again

Should you have not been successful in the final examination, and try again so you can be certified, you will need to register again to write the final examination for a fee of $60 USD.

  • APWASI will refresh and reset your course for you. We recommend you to go through the lessons once again and take some time to restudy and only attempt to re-write after a minimum period of 3 weeks from your previous attempt. That is our recommendation.
  • Once payment has been made for and received for “Taking the Final Examination Again”(TFEA) please allow up to 3 business days to reset the course.
  • Your initial course signup for the course is for one year. The beginning date of your course is the date you signed up. You have one year to complete or sooner and within that one-year period all re-attempts at the final examination must be made.

Links to start this process are available to users after unsuccessfully taking the final examination.

Tier 2 and Tier 1 Examinations

Please note that both Tier 2 and Tier 1 Examinations include an extra essay that need to be sent in to APWASI for marking and the successful candidate will be sent their Certificate from APWASI directly. Essays can be sent in through email.

The essay details you will write will include:

  • The maximum length of the essay.
  • Essay topic.
  • The size and style of font.
  • You will have 7 days to write, complete and send the essay to APWASI from the date you receive the instructions.
  • You will be given instructions as to what type of file you will save the document as.
  • All the above points are to ensure uniformity from the students and make it easier for APWASI examiners to mark the scripts.