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It is called the “Water of Life” from the four corners of the world. Discover why you can find whisky in every decent bar, the makings, culture and especially how to drink whisky with purpose. Salainte to you.

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Walk into any establishment on either side of the wealth scale and you will find a whisky. You may not always find the expensive bottle of wine but you will undoubtedly find a choice of whiskies.

This situation is not by chance, it was by design through a well-crafted plan that began over a hundred years ago.

Whisky also known as the “Water of life” has witnessed historic events both on an individual and global scale. From the cold windswept shores of Scotland, to the green island of Ireland, and away to the land of prairies in Canada and South to the United States, and beyond to the Asian continent we are now greeted with whisky.

The choices and tastes of Whisky have never been broader, spectacular and in- depth than today. Titans of industry, philanthropists of our ties, and the ordinary person all enjoy a good whisky and they know what to choose. Do you?

You will be excited as you unveil the knowledge that greets you with each new page, with knowledge, the page comes alive for you.

We know you deserve the finer things in life and now is the time to take command of your spiritual destiny, in a manner of speaking.

Let your adventure begin…