Wine & Dine Etiquette Course

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Estimated study time?

Individuals differ, learning styles differ, and the individual time factors and learning speeds differ so it would be hard to place a precise time so we suggest a range of between 19-25 hours of study. This includes reading through the material and completing the quizzes and the final examination. There is no time constraint nor limit, of utmost importance is you enjoy this journey of knowledge and you indulge your curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Human beings never complete anything without a target. We may believe this to be untrue but if you were to silently contemplate yourself with unbridled honesty you would admit this is a truth, unpleasant it may be but still the truth. At APWASI we encourage you to complete this course within six months from registration. As the course recommendation is between 19-25 hours, a six-month period of completion is an exaggerated premium of time for you as we want you to do other more constructive things in life than procrastinate.

Who is it for?

Our courses are for the dedicated, determined, belief in themselves and wanting to succeed. If you have these qualities you will succeed at anything you want not only these courses.

These courses, by the nature of their content are aimed at wine professionals currently in the industry and those who are intending to join the industry, and enthusiasts. The kaleidoscope of career options is many. This would include retail, importing, exporting, distributing, and perhaps even producing. Additionally, if you are in the hospitality industry, hotel, airline, cruise ship, high-medium end restaurants, this course would give you a firm and unquestionable structure of wine and spirit knowledge to further your career. Following our 5 C’s philosophy we believe our courses are for those who treasure knowledge and have a thirst to make their mark in life.

Where can I do this?

Anywhere in the globe, on the sunny beaches of Hawaii or the secluded jungle of South America or even the salubrious atmosphere of a private club in London, literally it is anywhere you wish. Our courses are available world-wide, 365/ 24/7, in 23 different languages. All you need is an internet connection! These courses can be accessed on your mobile device, tablet or on your computer.

Why us?

We are all accustomed to choices and with choices there are set parameters that we set before making a decision. Education is not an inanimate object it is not a pair of lifestyle shoes, shirt, blouse or meal. Education is the keystone of your life and we encourage you to choose as you see fit. Our criteria suits those that are openminded, cultural adept, eager to learn on a holistic basis and not just facts and figures- regurgitating them out like an antiquated calculator with a paper roll attached. We want, we demand, our graduates to be beacons of openness, approachable and wanting to share experiences and knowledge with all within the industry. We all begin our life with the currency of youth and this applies to not only APWASI but also other organizations like us across this globe. We bring fresh beginnings with new education methods to match the new trends, embrace the plethora of learning styles and together our courses are definitive in character that are matchless in the devotion given to their creation. If you value the future as we state, “learning for the future” then we are your future.

How can I learn this without tasting?

One cannot learn to swim without water and neither do we expect you to learn without tasting . We have at the end of each course a selection of wines we recommend you to try using the skills you have acquired on the wine essentials course we offer. Through this method you can increase your practical wine tasting skills. Our courses allow you to evaluate the wines by understanding the “why” and “the how”.

I don’t know how to taste.

The ability to taste wine is universal. The methodology to understanding wine and appreciating wine is not universal and that needs to be understood through concept, tasting and recording. This we achieve by having you take the wine essentials course we have as a prerequisite to any courses you select. Within this course lie the secrets to identifying, nosing and tasting wines and finally evaluate wines. It’s our pleasure to join you on this journey of adventure and bountiful knowledge. After taking this course you will learn and be able to taste wine with comfort.

Final Exam Information

For information on final exam procedures, please visit this link.

Dr. Clinton LeeDr. Clinton Lee has attained the highest qualification from the Wine Spirit and Education Trust based in London, the WSET Diploma and the Certified International Educator. He has over 80 million views globally on TikTok and Instagram about his wine and etiquette lessons.

He is an international wine lecturer, writer and critc. He has taught WSET programs and other wine courses both in Canada and internationally in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan Argentina, France, Hungary and Italy.

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The Conclusion

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As with everything in life there is a beginning and an end. In this particular instance in your journey of education and learning about etiquette I prefer that this is only the beginning not the end for you. While this course may have ended, it is my sincerest wish that it has increased your appetite […]